My 14th Week: A Roll Call of Cheats

If you couldn’t tell from yesterday’s post, I’m having trouble keeping up with my week to week progress. Honestly, I’ve let the strictness slip and that results in me not taking this whole process seriously.

So starting this week I’m going to start posting my Weekly Weigh Ins on weight in days instead of a few days later. Let’s re-cap this week. Heads up: it wasn’t pretty.

This past week was a holiday week (Labor Day) so I should’ve approached it with my shields up and defenses ready. It was actually the opposite. I went in weak and knowing I would call in the “it’s a holiday” and “I don’t eat like this all the time” excuse. Anyone been there?

I kind of went off the deep end when it came to what I ate. I’d start every day saying, “I can pick it up strict tomorrow.” or “I’ll be able to bounce back from this.” Unfortunately, that was not the case. I started snowballing Thursday after my weigh in.

You may not be interested in the play by play of the things that I ate, but its healthy for me to confess where I messed up and more importantly why I ate the way I did.

Here are my cheats in no particular order: 
Panda Express – sweet fire chicken + honey sesame chicken (twice, once at Panda, leftovers the next day)
Fried Chicken Biscuit with pepper jelly
Fried potatoes
Ritz Crackers + Cheese (a few times)
Hershey Chocolate Nuggets Almonds + Toffee
Party Food at a family party on Sunday night. Can’t even remember what all I ate!
Mashed Potatoes
Homemade Chicken Nuggets
Cheeseball + Crackers
Party Punch, lemonade, sweet tea, ginger ale
Hazelnut Butter
Tomato Basil Soup from Newks with croutons

I’m calling myself out with this roll call of cheats because I have to. Seeing it listed out and knowing that it’s going to be read by someone else is a powerful motivator to regroup and do better. The list may not seem that long, but a lot of them are repeat offenders, as in I didn’t eat it just once.

I almost broke down in tears when meeting with Brittany today at my weigh in. What is the disconnect between my meetings / weigh ins with her and the weekend? The real question is “why”. Why did I eat the way I did? Why did I not stick to the program? What is driving me to food and eating in secret? I think the best answer is not prioritizing my relationship with God.

Life got busy. Life got stressful. Things happened that weren’t in my control. Sleeping in seemed better. These food cheats were little releases. I took my stress to food instead of to God and it resulted in this.

But, where’s the joy?
If you’ve been reading along with me for a while now you know that I believe that there is joy in everything and that our circumstances don’t define us. The joy is that I’ve once again realized that pursuing Jesus (spending time in the word, having an inner monologue of prayer, talking about what I’m learning, depending on Jesus to get me through temptations) keeps me healthy.

The joy is knowing that I’m not alone. The joy is knowing that I don’t need to eat to celebrate. The joy is knowing that God wants what’s best for me. I’m the best version of myself when I look to God before I look to food.



Week 14 | STATS
-36lbs total


My 13th Week

You guys, I’m having trouble keeping up with my weeks. I can’t remember what all happened my 13th week! I’m actually having a hard time remembering my 14th week. The week I’m currently at the moment finishing up. I need a new system of writing  posting.


My 13th Weigh In was awesome! I made progress!

-38lbs total

My 12th Week

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12 Weeks Y’all. We’ve been on this journey together for 12 weeks. Hard to believe right?

In my 12th week I was finally able to move past a standstill in my progress. For the past few weeks I haven’t lost, gained a pound back, and stayed at the same place. Looking back, I know what I did and more importantly, what I didn’t do. In my 12th week I finally broke through the wall!


Let me tell you about these jeans I’m wearing. Well first off, let’s talk about wearing pants in general. Over the past 3 years the majority of clothes I’ve bought for myself have been flowy, empire waiste, A-line style, dresses and skirts. I haven’t invested any money in pants.

Pants were uncomfortable. The waist of the pants were pulled so tightly around my waist and thighs that they burrowed into my skin when I would sit down.  Unpleasant. So I stuck to wearing tights and dresses. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE and always will love wearing tights and dresses, but I didn’t only wear tights and dresses because they were my favorite “uniform.” I wore them because pants were uncomfortable and I didn’t like the way that shirts hung between my waist and pants.

I was embarrassed by the way I looked in a t-shirt and jeans. During my anti-pants phase, I worked in an office where I would periodically have to wear khaki pants and a polo shirt tucked in with a belt. I was also anti-belt. Something else to add to the pants pain? No thank you! I

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Today I’m singing a different tune. The jeans I’m wearing in these photos have followed me around from apartment to apartment, silently waiting for me to put them back on. Let’s call them memory pants. They were the last jeans I remember buying. FYI they are GAP circa 2008. That’s a long time to not buy pants.

Also, these aren’t stretchy jegging type pants. They’re the real denim deal.

Did you expect to read a whole blog about pants?


Obviously, the objective of this journey isn’t to fit in my memory pants. It’s to be healthy. It’s about making a life change. Wearing these old jeans just happen to be a perk. – JJ

Week 12 | STATS
-4 lbs
-36lbs total.

Reflecting on the Past 11 Weeks

I am in my 12th week of Ideal Protein. I honestly can’t believe that 11 weeks have come and gone. I can remember being in my 3rd or 4th week thinking double digits (week wise) was so far away and that I’d never get there! I haven’t been perfect during this time period, but I’ve grown in more ways that I even thought was possible.


Prior to starting Ideal Protein at the beginning of June, I was in bad shape both mentally and physically. I wasn’t myself. My unhealthy laziness had, over time, seeped into every area of my life. I seriously lacked drive, energy, and self confidence. I was confident in a few things like God loving me no matter what, that my husband unconditionally loved me, and that I was not happy.



I can honestly say that Ideal Protein has changed my life. I’m very thankful that I didn’t let doubt and insecurities stop me. Throughout my journey there has been a lot of ups and downs. Successful weeks and unsuccessful, weak, weeks. We can take it a step further and have successful days vs unsuccessful days. I’ve come a long way since June 3rd. It hasn’t been perfect, but it’s been the best thing that I’ve ever done.


The first leg of my journey, we’ll call it the honeymoon phase, was exciting! It was fun to challenge myself to do something new and see if this could actually work. Now, I’m in the second leg of my journey. It’s not as fun and exciting. It’s hard. It’s a lot harder than my first few weeks.


unnamed (1)

You start to bargain with yourself with thoughts like “You’ve done so well! You can have a cheat night and order a pizza. You deserve pizza.” I thought that once I really got into the IP rhythm my temptations would go away. That my new routine and lifestyle would be so strongly ingrained in my mind that I wouldn’t want food I can’t have.

It’s been the opposite. I’m figuring out that you have to be even stronger than you were in the beginning! That’s not something that I saw coming. It’s a hard lesson to learn, but I’m thankful that I’m learning it. I see myself at a new crossroads now. Either I can quit and go back to the way I was, which I vowed would never be an option, or I can challenge myself to higher standards.


Even though the cheats that I make are significantly better than any normal day I used to have a few months ago, that’s not good enough for me anymore. I’m mentally ready to tackle the temptations and stick closely to the system. I want to be better than I am today. I want to keep making progress both mentally and physically.



I hope that you’re encouraged by this. I can feel myself becoming motivated again just by sitting down and reflecting. If you’re just starting your journey, then keep it up! If you’re further along in your journey, then continue grinding it out and know that you’re worth saying no to the temptations, and message me with tips on how to survive after the honeymoon phase! We’re all in this together! – JJ 11844924_10204967335364948_5045959912398335531_o