Dining Before Pics and Plans!


We’ve been in our house for a little over half of a year. There’s so many things I want to do decor wise, but we’re taking it one room at a time and saving for specific things. We’ve started working on our dining room! Over the past few months I’ve been collecting pieces one at a time and almost have everything together!

Before we moved in last fall I spent a little time figuring out and defining my style.


I snapped this before we started moving furniture in. It’s a fantastic space! It’s a rectangle shaped room with 3 big windows that look out to the front yard and let in the golden late afternoon light. I knew I wanted a big dining room table that could hold a lot of people. I also knew that I wanted a china cabinet and that I wanted to fill the empty spaces with plants. This house doesn’t have a foyer so the front door opens right into this room.

Our friend Josh built our table and the current large cabinet that’s being used as a China Cabinet. Earlier this spring I bought the most perfect original Mid Century Modern credenza and China Cabinet set from an estate sale in my home town. I’m still ecstatic over how little I paid for the pair. The credenza is already in the dining room, but we haven’t gotten the matching China Cabinet up here just yet. Our plan is to move the cabinet into another room to use for storage.

Our dining room chairs are from a previous set. I’m thankful to have good chairs, but they don’t really match the style we’re going for.  Getting new chairs will be one of the last pieces of the puzzle for this room to be complete.

Here is what my Dining Room previously looked like.


As you can see in the first photo, I already have some of the items in the my plans set up, but I’m shifting things around.

Other than the chairs, we already have everything in the collage above and our living room will be complete! I can’t wait to style it. Now, we’ll have to throw a dinner party.

1. Set of 3 Wall Hanging Baskets  2. Area Rug  3. Wicker Mirror 4. Josh built this table  5. These chairs in the darker color 6. Vintage find from an Estate Sale 7. Gold Bar Cart 8. Vintage find from an Estate Sale




Backyard Times

This is our first year to ever have a yard. Our lot has a nice sized backyard, especially for a home in town and not out in the country, that we’re currently LOVING. Our home is an older home that’s surrounded by really tall mature trees. It’s nice and shady, but has the perfect sunny spot for a garden.


We set up a badminton net in the middle of our backyard. We say we did it because we wanted to spend more time outside with our dog, he’s so cute out there! But the real reason is because we both had badminton nets set up at least one summer in our backyards growing up and it was awesome!

We’ve gotten pretty good at Badminton. If anyone wanted to challenge us, bring it on.

Also, I’ve just realized that I’ve been saying and spelling Badminton wrong for my whole life. I always thought it was Badmitton. OOPS!

980098_10206401287052844_9056123279281206182_oIMG_7096We also planted fresh herbs! I’ve never had a fresh herb garden before. If y’all thought I was nervous about keeping my indoor plants alive, I’m WAY nervous about killing these little guys hah!


We stocked up at our local Home Depot last weekend on supplies and I had to buy a few succulents, obviously. A new friend in our church graciously gave me some of her seedlings to plant in our little garden! She gave me zucchini, cucumber, jalapeños, bell peppers, and tomato seedlings. I can’t wait to plant! Thanks, Denise!

My goal for my first garden is to learn the basics by trial and error and eat at least one meal with food grown in our yard. I’ll keep you posted!

Here’s to backyards, fire pits, badminton, big dogs, and growing vegetables! – JJ

Investing in Myself

Last year Luke and I bought our first house dream house. It’s that perfect blend of old and modern. It’s got old wooden floors and charm, but new bathrooms. I just love it. I wish that I could invite you all over for a cup of coffee and plant health seminar – I’m the one who needs the seminar on keeping my plants alive btw.

While I’m lost in color schemes and dreaming big on curating the perfect details for each room, it got me thinking about how I should have the same approach with my overall health. I’m spending a lot of time, energy, and money on making this house represent my ideal lifestyle, filling it with things that will reflect the kind of person I want to be. I can do the same thing with ME!

I can spend time, energy, effort, and money into making me the person I want to be.

It may be a stretch to link decorating your house with eating well, but it totally connects for me. I’ve lived in a lot of different places, but I’ll only live in one body.

It’s odd for me to put my physical health on the same level as picking out a couch or where to hang a picture because I’ve never done that before. It’s easy for me to see myself as not worthy enough to be taken care of.

When you’re on a weight loss journey and lifestyle change, you can link anything to your feelings about food.

Just like filling your house with things you love while you’re on a budget takes time and careful planning, so does health! I’d be crazy if I expected my home to be decorated perfectly, reflecting who I want to be in one day or one week. True design takes time to figure out what you like and what you don’t like. True health takes time, planning, and commitment.

You don’t give up on a room design because you can’t have that expensive tufted leather sectional at the moment. You wait, you plan, you save, you watch for it to go on clearance or when there’s a sale (obvs). Same goes for me in my body. Time is an investment.

Speaking of decorating, here are some pictures of the little decorating I’ve done. I’ve got some fun ideas for my house that will happen (hopefully) soon!


Buddy Bear Campbell

If you follow me on Instagram (@mrsjjcampbell) you know that we have a new family member. I’m happy to officially introduce Buddy Bear Campbell!


Let me share a little about Buddy and how he came into our life. For the past 6 months Luke and I have discussed and made plans for when we could have a dog. We’ve researched what kind of dogs would be great for our lifestyle and family. While Luke would take any dog off the street, I’m a little more picky.

We’ve looked at dog breed after dog breed looking for a dog with the right temperament and protective instincts, etc. Finally, we settled on a German Shepherd! They are always high on the list of family dogs and ranked exceptionally high in overall dog-goodness. Also, I grew up with German Shepherds. They were always our family dogs!


Now that we had decided on what kind of dog we wanted, we were ready to look for puppies! We realized quickly that good puppies are $$$$. We also realized for the first time that puppies are a lot of work. We were unsure of how we could train and take care of a puppy when we both work 30 minutes away. So then, we decided to wait until we had kids and I transitioned into a work-from-home mom (Not pregnant, just thinking ahead) so that we could be able to spend time with a puppy.

Fast forward to Christmas. We like to call my dad The Dog Whisperer.All dogs are drawn to my dad. I’ve never seen anything like it!  It’s kind of crazy! He was out and about a couple of days after Christmas and encountered Buddy and his previous owner. He commented on how impressive Buddy was and jokingly asked if the owner was looking to get rid of the dog (only the Dog Whisperer could get away with that!). The owner said yes!

We immediately drove over to check out the dog and LOVED how friendly he was, not to mention beautiful. A couple of days later after spending a little more time with Buddy, he jumped in our car and came back home with us!


It’s been a full week of Buddy living with us. We think he’s adjusting well. He seems very content, is fun and playful, and makes every step with Luke. We’ve also adjusted to life with Buddy. He definitely encourages a more responsible lifestyle like taking him on walks and waking up on time to let him out.


I’ve always liked dogs, but I’ve never really loved a dog. I’m LOVING Buddy. He’s hilarious and loves having his ears rubbed, but he also likes to chill out. I’m sure that Buddy would love to meet you. Just let us know when you’re coming over. We’re working on his manners when people come in our house.