My New Year’s Resolution


New Years is such a special time! In the past, it’s not gotten too much attention from me because I was always swept up in Christmas. This year, I was still totally swept up in Christmas, but I’ve been able to focus and chart a course for 2017 that will result in a dramatically healthier lifestyle.

I’ve got one big resolution for 2017 and I think I’m finally ready to tackle it —-

Be the person I want to be, not settle for the person my bad habits turned me into.

For far too long I’ve let bad habits dictate my life and how I feel about myself. This year, and from here on out, I’m working to push myself in new ways breaking off my relationship with lazy, bad for me, and unhealthy habits. This is a big deal! Part of me always knew that the habits I was letting myself fall into would bring destruction, but I kept pushing them off for future JJ to deal with. Well, Future JJ is here and she’s dealing with them now!

For the first time, I’m learning how to set goals for myself and am ready to make lasting changes. What it’s all going to come down to is habit change. I’m giving myself time to break old, familiar, and comfortable habits and form new and challenging habits and I’ve got a plan!

There are 52 Weeks in a year. If I give myself 2 weeks to work on one habit to form, then I’ll need 26 new habits. Brainstorming 26 new habits was kind of daunting, so I split that in half to 13. 13 new habits to work on from now until July. Thinking this far ahead is something brand new to me and I can honestly say that I’m excited about it! I’m not stressed out by all the changes that I’m planning to make but energized and motivated at what all I could accomplish if I really stick to the habit change strategy.

My first 2-week challenge is establishing a morning routine. This includes waking up on time, preparing a healthy breakfast, enjoying my cup of coffee, helping Luke take care of our dog, getting dressed, putting on makeup, fixing my hair, and leaving for work on time.

I’m calling this The 26 Challenge and I’d love for you to come along this journey with me! I’m writing a detailed post of my first 13 and I’ll share them tomorrow. 2017 just feels different than 2016 doesn’t it? I’m charged up and ready to go!


Digging up Roots + Working on the Surface


When thinking about myself, I go deep. I’m not afraid to explore the deepest depths and darkest corners of my heart and mind mostly because I’ve already done all that work. I know what’s there. That’s what I did last year. I dug up the roots. I examined the foundational issues of why I overeat, why I feel the way I do about food, and why I just can’t seem to break and eradicate old habits.

I overeat because I genuinely enjoy food. To me, food isn’t fuel, but an activity (a social activity and something enjoyed in isolation). It keeps me entertained and gives me something to look forward to.

I overeat because I see food as a reward. A huge meal with carb heavy food is a first place prize for a job-well-done and consolation prize for when I fail. It’s both.

I overeat because I see food as a celebration of my culture. I can hear my grandmother asking, “did you get enough to eat? Let me fix you another plate.” I can see rows and rows of tables full of Southern comfort food at the annual church Homecoming. I can smell the prime rib and all it’s goodness on Christmas Eve.

I overeat because gluttony / over-indulgence is one of my major personal weaknesses. I’m inclined to believe that every single person has one or two major weaknesses that they constantly battle.  They  manifest in different ways for each person. For me, it manifests in overeating and laziness. My bent towards over-indulgence stems from the root thought of “you aren’t worthy to be taken care of, so you better stock up on ______, _______, and _______.”

I overeat because up until this point, I’m not willing to break habits and make lasting changes. I think this is the saddest one of all. I know what’s wrong. I know where I can make real changes, but I’ve been clenching my fists and refusing to do things differently.

It’s driving me insane. For too long I’ve refused to think long, always “living in the moment.”

So. There’s all the issues and my feelings about the issues. Like I said in the beginning, I’ve done this work before. It’s not new to me. The roots are dug up and now it’s time to work on the surface. It’s time to move from good intentions and knowledge to action and implementation.

I’ve finally come around to the “real lifestyle change” or “maintainers mindset” way of thinking. A plan, program, or person isn’t going to do the work for me. It’s me.

It’s me appreciating the journey I’ve been on. Appreciating and understanding the underlying issues and not getting bogged down, but making the real attempt to change.

Let’s change – JJ

My Whole 30 Expectations

Yesterday Luke and I started our very first Whole 30! Since we returned from our mini beach vacay  we’ve been making plans, researching recipes, reading It Starts with Food. and trying to put together a complete Whole 30 meal plan for a week. Y’all, I’ve dabbled in meal planning before, but this is takes it to a whole different level. Originally we were going to start on May 2nd because Sundays are kind of crazy for us (we both work at the same church), but we decided to go ahead and start our Whole 3o and have it correspond with the calendar days.



Saturday afternoon as we were sitting in our backyard watching Buddy chase bugs and squirrels, we started talking about what we want to get out of our Whole 30 experience. If you are unfamiliar with the inns and outs of Whole 30, go read their website. FASCINATING.

What I don’t want to happen is to revert back to destructive habits on May 31st. I want this month to catapult me into habits that support a healthy lifestyle and I think it can! Here’s what I’m expecting / wanting to happen / working toward over the next month:

  • Developing a healthy relationship with food again. Enjoying what I eat, yes, but not eating for pleasure, to cope with emotions, or out of boredom. This is something I went through when I did Ideal Protein last year. I’m confident I can learn again.
  • Becoming a somewhat more organized person. Organization is not high on the list in my personality characteristics, and that’s okay, but as I’m getting older and having to be more responsible, I could definitely benefit from organization. The food prep and meal planning alone is helping me want to be more organized in my house!
  • Feeling better. I haven’t been listening to my body only my food feelings eating whatever I wanted when I wanted it even if it was at midnight. Just like having a healthy relationship with food, I’ve done this before. I’ve experienced how good it feels to cut out certain food groups. I’m excited to feel that again!
  • Dropping a few pounds and inches. I’m doing what they recommend in taking measurements and weighing myself at the beginning and the end, not during the process. This will be weird for me. I’m a weigh myself every day type of person.
  • Trying new food and cooking techniques. I’ve already fallen in love with coconut oil.
  • Continuing on a clean eating / paleo lifestyle after the 30 days.

I want a lot out of my life and it’s time that my actions back up my dreams and ideals. Luke and I want a family and a big life. We can’t have what we want when we’re living irresponsibly with our health.

It’s going to be a big month! Y’all help me hang in there! – JJ

You can follow along with my Whole 30 journey on instagram – @mrsjjcampbell 

Whole 30

I think I’m ready to take the Whole 30 challenge. After an overwhelmingly beautiful response to my post about dealing with regret, (thank you for all the comments and support!) doing a Whole 30 was suggested more than any other option.

I’m planning to start in the next couple of weeks! I’m giving myself plenty of time to research and prepare for the next 30 days.

When I did Ideal Protein last year, it was basically one step further than a Whole 30. I was supposed to only eat protein and certain vegetables along with their products. That worked for me for a little while, but honestly, I couldn’t handle the strict restriction. Whole 30 is a little less rigorous. Since I’ve already done a very restrictive plan for longer than 30 days, I think I’m up to the challenge of the Whole 30!

If you have any tips, advice, recipes, meal ideas, or stories about Whole 30, I would LOVE to hear them! I always appreciate feedback! There are so many resources about Whole 30 out there, I need help figuring out which one is the best one.

If anyone else wants to do Whole 30 along with me, that would be great! I’m planning to start on May 2nd. Let me know and we can form a private Facebook group or something! – JJ