Backyard Times

This is our first year to ever have a yard. Our lot has a nice sized backyard, especially for a home in town and not out in the country, that we’re currently LOVING. Our home is an older home that’s surrounded by really tall mature trees. It’s nice and shady, but has the perfect sunny spot for a garden.


We set up a badminton net in the middle of our backyard. We say we did it because we wanted to spend more time outside with our dog, he’s so cute out there! But the real reason is because we both had badminton nets set up at least one summer in our backyards growing up and it was awesome!

We’ve gotten pretty good at Badminton. If anyone wanted to challenge us, bring it on.

Also, I’ve just realized that I’ve been saying and spelling Badminton wrong for my whole life. I always thought it was Badmitton. OOPS!

980098_10206401287052844_9056123279281206182_oIMG_7096We also planted fresh herbs! I’ve never had a fresh herb garden before. If y’all thought I was nervous about keeping my indoor plants alive, I’m WAY nervous about killing these little guys hah!


We stocked up at our local Home Depot last weekend on supplies and I had to buy a few succulents, obviously. A new friend in our church graciously gave me some of her seedlings to plant in our little garden! She gave me zucchini, cucumber, jalapeños, bell peppers, and tomato seedlings. I can’t wait to plant! Thanks, Denise!

My goal for my first garden is to learn the basics by trial and error and eat at least one meal with food grown in our yard. I’ll keep you posted!

Here’s to backyards, fire pits, badminton, big dogs, and growing vegetables! – JJ


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