Goals vs Resolutions: My 2016 Goals (for now!)


Hello Friends! I hope that every one of you had a lovely Christmas! Mine was hot, but wonderful. As much as I love Christmas and want to squeeze every bit out of Christmas-time moments, I have a different kind of deep love for the days following Christmas leading up to New Years.

I’ve already shared and discussed my love of resolutions and fresh starts  here and here.

Anything is possible! You get to do all the prep work for the new year. We’re still off from work, have one more sparkly celebration, and get to focus on being your best self.

Now that I’ve already shared my resolutions, I want to share some goals. Goals are specific achievements. Resolutions are permanent changes to your life. I’ve reworked some of the resolutions that I originally wrote to make them more resolution and less goal oriented.

2016 G O A L S

  1. Lose -50lbs. It was my original first goal and it’s still in place. I got close a few months ago, then lost focus and took my eye off the prize. I’ve put on about half of the weight I’ve lost, in record time might I add, just by not practicing healthy habits and refusing to use self control. It’s all about effort.I want to be careful about putting a time limit on this goal. When strictly following the Ideal Protein Protocol, you could drop the weight quickly. Because of financial reasons (we bought a house just a few months ago and got a new car a only a month or so ago) I will not be continuing on with Ideal Protein.
  2. Run a 5k. I’ve walked a 5k only once. I was in college and I signed up last minute for extra credit. I was the 2nd to last person finished. I beat a 75 year old lady only by a couple of minutes… To actually run a 5k would be making JJ history.
  3. Walk around the lake behind our house at least 5 days a week for the month of January. Hopefully, it’ll be an engrained habit by then!
  4. Cook at home every week night. A lofty goal yes, but I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes and we all know that restaurant food is loaded with extra calories.
  5. Research gardening. I want to go ahead and plan out what I want to plant and how to take care of it before Spring rolls around.

That’s all for now. Just like my resolutions, these goals are on-going. If I think of more, I’ll add to the list. Have you thought about your 2016 goals? – JJ


2 thoughts on “Goals vs Resolutions: My 2016 Goals (for now!)

  1. beginhappyness says:

    Your goals are good and I have goals for which I use the SMARTHI acronym, which stands for Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time based, habit and Impact. By making my goals down like this and reading them every morning, I am hoping I will be closer to achieving my goals


  2. jessfromtexas says:

    I am SO on track with these girl! 5k and losing weight are on my list too! I have NEVER done a 5k! what?! I am terrified. haha Thanks for sharing! You encourage me!!!


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