Goals vs Resolutions: My 2016 Goals (for now!)


Hello Friends! I hope that every one of you had a lovely Christmas! Mine was hot, but wonderful. As much as I love Christmas and want to squeeze every bit out of Christmas-time moments, I have a different kind of deep love for the days following Christmas leading up to New Years.

I’ve already shared and discussed my love of resolutions and fresh starts  here and here.

Anything is possible! You get to do all the prep work for the new year. We’re still off from work, have one more sparkly celebration, and get to focus on being your best self.

Now that I’ve already shared my resolutions, I want to share some goals. Goals are specific achievements. Resolutions are permanent changes to your life. I’ve reworked some of the resolutions that I originally wrote to make them more resolution and less goal oriented.

2016 G O A L S

  1. Lose -50lbs. It was my original first goal and it’s still in place. I got close a few months ago, then lost focus and took my eye off the prize. I’ve put on about half of the weight I’ve lost, in record time might I add, just by not practicing healthy habits and refusing to use self control. It’s all about effort.I want to be careful about putting a time limit on this goal. When strictly following the Ideal Protein Protocol, you could drop the weight quickly. Because of financial reasons (we bought a house just a few months ago and got a new car a only a month or so ago) I will not be continuing on with Ideal Protein.
  2. Run a 5k. I’ve walked a 5k only once. I was in college and I signed up last minute for extra credit. I was the 2nd to last person finished. I beat a 75 year old lady only by a couple of minutes… To actually run a 5k would be making JJ history.
  3. Walk around the lake behind our house at least 5 days a week for the month of January. Hopefully, it’ll be an engrained habit by then!
  4. Cook at home every week night. A lofty goal yes, but I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes and we all know that restaurant food is loaded with extra calories.
  5. Research gardening. I want to go ahead and plan out what I want to plant and how to take care of it before Spring rolls around.

That’s all for now. Just like my resolutions, these goals are on-going. If I think of more, I’ll add to the list. Have you thought about your 2016 goals? – JJ


Resolutions #2-#6


In my last post, I shared my number big number one major New Years Resolution. It’s the baseline for all of my other resolutions, so think about that as you’re reading through this list of things I want to do in 2016.

#2. Exercise regularly. I think I’ll start with walking consistently. There is a lake behind my house and walking from my driveway and making a loop around the lake is just a little over a mile. I like walking around that lake. There are always ducks and geese swimming around.

I want to incorporate strength training. Anybody want to be my trainer? I can’t pay you, but I’ll crochet you something.

#3. Play keys for Sunday morning worship. Luke, my husband, leads worship every Sunday morning at our church. I sing in worship, but would like to play an instrument! Hopefully by the summer I’ll be confident enough to be able to play a few songs. Kicking myself every day for quitting piano lessons in the 4th grade.

#4. Learn Calligraphy. I’ve played around with hand lettering here and there. I’ve done a couple of wedding programs, save the dates, etc when Luke needed something scripty for a client. Now, don’t misread me, I’ve only got one little font I can somewhat do. I enjoy doing it and I’d like to get into it.

#5. Incorporate healthy habits. Examples include: bring lunch to work at least 4 days, allow 1 dessert / treat per week, avoid carbs on the weekdays, fall in love with salads. The biggest part is keeping up with the habits after the weight comes off.

I’ve got to get mentally ready, again, to put the work in and use the self control that I know is there.

#6. Prepare a meal with foods from my garden. I actually stole this one from Luke.  I’ve proven to myself that I can keep my indoor plants alive. I’m ready for the next phase, gardening! I know absolutely nothing about planting a garden, but I’m excited to learn about it.

Growing up, my grandfather had a huge garden behind his house. I remember my mom (forcing) me to go out and pick peas and string beans (I think. I was young. Memories are cloudy). We’d bring the big buckets back in a shell the peas and snap the beans. I liked the shelling, not so much the picking. I didn’t fully appreciate the cool-ness of having a big family garden, but again I was a kid and only wanted to jump on the trampoline and play with my Barbies.

I’m thinking up resolutions as I go. Maybe I’ll think of more! I’m not limiting myself. Time to go for it! Have you started writing down your resolutions? – JJ

Resolutions: #1 Be the girl I want to be


I love New Year’s Resolutions. I love making lists and dreaming about being the best version of myself. I love fresh starts and clean slates.  I want to share with you some big dreams and goals that I have for myself in the coming year. Some are major, some are silly, but they all count and they’re all important to me.

We’ll start with the biggest one and the title of this blog.

Resolution #1: Be the girl I want to be.

I have a number of habits that need to be evaluated and improved upon and I want to share them with you:

1. I want to be someone who puts effort into things.

Laziness is my biggest struggle. I have major couch potato tendencies. I can easily sink into my laziness and productivity goes down the drain. My appearance, messiness in my home, food choices, refusing to exercise, my spiritual life, and relationships suffer because of my laziness.

Effort is the counterpart to laziness. I want to be someone who puts effort into everything. Even the silliest and smallest things. I want to work hard and be proud of my effort!

2.  I don’t want to fear ridiculous-ness. 

I see myself and others apologize for being “ridiculous.” I want to do things that glorify God and bring joy. I don’t want to be fearful of others’ opinions. I think everyone is a little scared of being labeled ridiculous. I get it, we all want to be taken seriously, but when you stop working towards your dreams or goals or don’t allow yourself to have dreams and goals because of the fear of others’ thoughts, being a little ridiculous seems worth it.

Long story long, I want to do what makes me happy and is good for me within the parameters of glorifying God and bringing joy.

3. I want to be consistent. 

This kind of goes a long with putting effort into things, but it takes it a step further. It’s the continuation of putting effort into things. I don’t want to only last a week or two. I want to go the distance.

I want to be a person of action! I want to set goals, work towards them, and reach them! I want to be a consistent listener, learner, worker, weight loser, fitness achiever, friend, crafter, blogger, disciple, morning person, etc. There is SO much that I want to be consistent in. I know that if I can just take a little at a time and build good habits, then I will be consistent.

Consistency and effort work hand in hand. Can’t have one without the other.

Everything included in those 3 bullet points make up the girl I want to be. I want to start working on them today! I don’t have to wait until January 1 2016. I can start working towards it right now.

Will you help me by praying for me, talking to me about it, mentioning this when you see me around town, etc? I’ll gladly help you. We all need people in our corner. – JJ