Finding My Style

For the past few months my mind has been consumed with home design. What color do I want to paint this wall? What new / new to us furniture do we need for our new house? How many throw pillows are allowed in my budget?

Before I could determine wall colors, furniture, and even throw pillows, I had to figure out my taste and what I like.

My style has evolved over the past few years. I describe my previous style as whatever I could find at thrift stores / what was on clearance / what people gave to me. Things I used to love, I don’t love so much anymore. And that’s okay! It’s good to change and evolve in every area of your life – even your design taste.

It’s been interesting to really evaluate, look at designs that inspire me, and try to figure out what I’m going to surround myself with that cause feelings of joy! I want our space to feel cozy, fresh, and welcoming. I also knew that Luke and I collectively like natural elements like wood and plants, appreciate color, and are drawn to mid century modern furniture.

I like the mixing of colors, plants, patterns, and textures of Bohemian style, but I also love the foundation of mid century modern style. One day on a whim, I typed both styles in the Pinterest search board and it all fell together like magic! It was what I was picturing in my head. It was SO cool to see it vividly displayed in front of me.

Here are some pictures that I am using as inspiration as I put together our spaces. Click for attribution. 

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I love how each room is exploding with color and texture!

I’m excited to spend time putting together each room! After the Holidays I’ll really focus in on bringing this style to my whole space one room at a time. You can follow along with my Pinterest board as I continue gathering ideas and inspiration!

I’ve realized that it’s important to live in a space that inspires you to be the person you want to be. Loving my space encourages me to make better choices and discourages laziness.

I’m excited to share these projects here on the blog! Any activity I can have that keeps me out of the snack cabinet is worth sharing!

Also, if anyone is getting rid of colorful rugs let me know!


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