The Importance of Creative Outlets


Do something creative every day. I think that’s a great idea!

As I’m growing up I’m truly learning the value of having creative outlets and how being creative in a few areas helps me in my every day life. When I spend a little time crocheting, scrapbooking, or dreaming / planning out home decor ideas, vs times when I lazily sit around and watch Gilmore Girls, I’m generally a more pleasant person. Anybody else feel like this?

Not only am I more pleasant to be around, but my mind doesn’t drift off to food. Food isn’t bad, but when you eat because you’re bored and not when you’re hungry, that’s when it becomes a problem. I’ve been a bored eater for years.

I’ve noticed a drastic difference between the times where I’m doing something creative or just sitting around.

Today, I want to share with you guys my favorite creative outlet: CROCHET!


This is my all time favorite hobby. It keeps my hands busy and out of the cereal box. It keeps my mind focused on counting or watching for what stitch comes next instead of what I could be eating at the moment.

There are a TON of different reasons why I love crochet, but in this season of my life those 2 reasons listed above are my favorite.

I don’t just crochet to crochet. I crochet with a purpose. I want my handmade goodies to go to good homes. So far this season I’ve been at 1 one market in my hometown and am signed up for 2 markets in the town I’m currently living in.


Come see me at the Olde Towne Market on October 10th and November 14th!

I hope that you have a hobby you love. Pick up crochet. Or anything you think is cool. You’ll never know if you love something if you don’t try it out. – JJ


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