Our Home Buying Story


The Campbells are officially Homeowners! It’s been a crazy journey started at the beginning of August and ended last week. I’ve been dying to share about this cute little 3 bedroom 2 bath that is our next big step in adulthood. Now, I finally can!

It’s the most perfect little old house overflowing with charm, wood floors, and natural light. As soon as we stepped in the door with our realtor, I knew this was the house for us. I can’t explain it. It just felt right. I knew that we belonged there.



There were a couple of hang ups that extended the purchasing process longer than we thought. At one point I was certain that it wasn’t going to work out and that we’d have to start the process over and fall in love with another house. We would try to find something in the Spring. I’m not going to get into details, but the very next day, everything worked out! There was such a slim chance of what we needed coming through, and it came through! We were able to close one week later.


We’ve got a big backyard and out lot is full of huge old trees! So many outdoor parties to have! Now, it’s time to fill this new place up with plants, white walls, and lots of color. Follow me on Instagram  for day to day pics as we transform this house into Campbell style!

My projects will be slowly decorating each room to fit our style. I’m excited to have some big, fun distractions that will keep my mind off snacking. So glad I could share our fun news with you! – JJ


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