Our Home Buying Story


The Campbells are officially Homeowners! It’s been a crazy journey started at the beginning of August and ended last week. I’ve been dying to share about this cute little 3 bedroom 2 bath that is our next big step in adulthood. Now, I finally can!

It’s the most perfect little old house overflowing with charm, wood floors, and natural light. As soon as we stepped in the door with our realtor, I knew this was the house for us. I can’t explain it. It just felt right. I knew that we belonged there.



There were a couple of hang ups that extended the purchasing process longer than we thought. At one point I was certain that it wasn’t going to work out and that we’d have to start the process over and fall in love with another house. We would try to find something in the Spring. I’m not going to get into details, but the very next day, everything worked out! There was such a slim chance of what we needed coming through, and it came through! We were able to close one week later.


We’ve got a big backyard and out lot is full of huge old trees! So many outdoor parties to have! Now, it’s time to fill this new place up with plants, white walls, and lots of color. Follow me on Instagram  for day to day pics as we transform this house into Campbell style!

My projects will be slowly decorating each room to fit our style. I’m excited to have some big, fun distractions that will keep my mind off snacking. So glad I could share our fun news with you! – JJ


Factory Reset: Time to Start Over

You know the term factory reset? It’s something that you can do on your electronic devices to wipe everything off and get it back to its original settings.

It’s a restart. It’s exactly what I need to do.

I need to take it back to June 2nd. The day before I started Ideal Protein 3 and half-ish months ago. I need to fully remember who I was, the dangerous situation I was in, and why I was desperate to make these life altering changes.

I’ve forgotten. I’ve let laziness back in. I’ve lived in the moment, but not in the good way, and not thought about consequences.

Today is my factory reset. Today I have the opportunity to work for change. Today I have the ability to be strong and make wise decisions.

A dark tiled room as a background


And I will have those same opportunities tomorrow and the days that follow.

You see, I got scared. I got scared of the success. What if I gain everything back? What if I can’t maintain the weight loss? What if I fail?

What if my cholesterol continues to rise even though I was making good choices? What would I do without the products? Would I ever be free of them or too scared to let them go?

I let the “what ifs” take over my thought life instead of asking God to fill my thoughts things that are true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, admirable, and worthy of praise (Phil 4:8).

I haven’t been in a good place for the past month and I haven’t tried to come back. I haven’t been writing and updating this blog because I was embarrassed and didn’t want to let you, my wonderful reader-friend, down. It was easier to ignore what I was doing when I wasn’t putting it out here.

So here I am. Admitting that this is really hard. That habits are hard to break. That circumstances rise up and you have to deal with them in healthy ways.

Here I am showing you my factory reset. When I say factory reset, what I mean is that I’m going back to the beginning. Going through all of my Ideal Protein paper work that I studied so hard in the beginning. Reminding myself of the rules and they whys. I want to be as enthusiastic and optimistic as I was in the beginning.


Let me share with you some of the reasons why I started this journey:

  • I want to be physically healthy. My back aches and my knees hurt from the smallest amount of strain. I’m tired all of the time. I have stomach issues when I consume large amounts dairy and gluten. My body is talking to me and I haven’t been listening.
  • I want to have children. Where I’m at right now, and especially -35lbs ago, is not a place to have a healthy pregnancy or baby.
  • I have high cholesterol. I want it to be lower.
  • I want to be spiritually healthy. Everything is connected.
  • I want to prove to myself that I’m worth it and I can do it. I don’t want to be fearful and I don’t want to be scared of failure.
  • I want to be a success story. I don’t think it’s vain to say that or want that. I want to be successful and give glory to God.

I’m ready. Let’s go back to the beginning. Let’s have a factory reset. Let’s not feel shame, but driven to succeed. 3…… 2……. 1……….


Time to work. – JJ

Why I Weigh Myself Every Day

The scale. We have a love-hate relationship with the scale, right? Love it when the number is lower, hate it when the number is higher.


I’m learning to love the scale. I’m not afraid of it anymore. I don’t dread it.

Some people think that weighing yourself every day is a terrible decision. Some people think using a scale at all is a terrible decision. You know what? That’s okay. We’ve got to find what works for us individually.

I conducted a little experiment. I was curious as to which method was going to really work for me. One week I weighed myself every morning. The next week I didn’t weigh myself until Weigh In Day. There was a distinct difference in my attitude the week I weighed myself daily vs the week I didn’t. Here’s why:

I’m an out of sight out of mind person. If I don’t see it or write it down, it’s hard for me to remember what I’m doing. When I weighed myself in the morning, I wasn’t fixated on my number all day, but more conscious of wanting to see change. The week where I didn’t weigh myself, I wasn’t as devoted / dedicated to the protocol. It wasn’t at the forefront of my mind. It was kind of an afterthought.

I’ve found what works for me. Hoping on the scale every morning signals to my brain that I either have to own up to what I did (if I slipped and cheated) or encourages me to continue making good decisions.

The real key to weighing yourself every day and being okay with it is understanding a few things:

  1. Weight Fluctuates. Time of day, water in take, whether or not you’ve gone to the bathroom, salt intake, literally everything can make your weight fluctuate. I fluctuate between 1 -2 pounds. I’ve learned my body over time.
  2. You have to be kind to yourself.  I think this is most important. You shouldn’t weigh yourself everyday if it’s going to spiral you into self hate and negative self talk. Like I mentioned earlier, I weigh myself every day so that my overall health is at the forefront of my mind. I don’t weigh myself for an excuse to live in negativity.

It’s also important to point out that we can’t control what number pops up on the scale. However, we can control what we do on a daily basis. Don’t be defined by your number, but let it be a reminder to take care of yourself.

Just because this works for me, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily going to work for you. There are so many ways to notice progress and keep health and good decisions at the forefront of your mind:

  • the way your clothes fit
  • energy levels
  • your skin (my cheeks get really flushed and I get small bumps on my arms when I eat carbs. I think that might mean I’m gluten intolerant…)
  • getting better rest

I’m sure there’s even more! Find what works for you. Don’t let the number define who you are. Control what you do on a daily basis.

I’d love to know what helps you stay focused! Feel free to share the knowledge! – JJ

It’s Easier Being Overweight

It’s easier being overweight.

It’s easier to eat fast food / take out / restaurant food.

It’s easier to cook starchy / carby foods.

It’s easier to throw caution to the win and give into every temptation.

It’s easier to let yourself have whatever you want and do or not do whatever you want.

It’s easier to not try.

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t doing Ideal Protein.

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t trying to change and make better choices.

Sometimes I wish I was still ignoring my weight.

These are my real feelings. Every day I contemplate easy vs hard and combat these feelings. Some days I overcome. Some days I fail, but now that I’ve started trying and can physically see and feel the benefits of self control, I can never go back.

If you’re just beginning or in the middle of life change (whether it’s weight loss or not, we all struggle with something), then you’ve probably had the same feelings. I want to encourage all of us with the thought of “easy doesn’t equal better.” Just because it’s easy, it doesn’t mean that’s what we’re supposed to do.

Accomplishment isn’t supposed to come easy. You’re supposed to work! If we don’t work and struggle, then we don’t appreciate the things we have. Maybe that’s just me, but the more I struggle and overcome temptations, the more proud of myself I become. We can all stand to be a little more proud of ourselves and like ourselves a little bit more, right?

We can’t be perfect, but we can always try harder. I want to try hard! I want to earn every pound lost. I want to work for every step towards overall health. I don’t want it to just be handed to me because I’ll probably put every pound back on.

It’s good to remind myself of these things. It feels good to release these feelings.  I hope this encourages you to work hard, be honest with yourself, and motivate yourself! I’m motivated!! Let’s work hard!

Let’s face the hard choices with a positive attitude!

Let’s tackle the temptations!

Let’s enjoy hard work!!

I’ve realize that this post has now turned into a pep rally and I’m okay with that!