My 5th Week

You know those clothes you buy that are just a little too tight, but you buy them any way? You tell yourself “I can get away with this fitting a little tight, right?” or “fitting into this dress will motivate me to cut back and drop a few pounds!” or “I’ll fit into it one day, but it’s on sale today!” I did that pretty frequently. Okay, I did it all the time. I’m a sucker for a clearance rack.


This was one of those dresses! I bought this at H&M 5(ish) months ago. I’ve only worn it just a couple of times because it was really tight around my hips and my shoulders. I was trying to force this dress to fit, not because I liked the way it looked (who doesn’t love/need a cheetah print dress??), but because of the number on the tag.

I didn’t want to admit that I’d yet again gone up another dress size. I didn’t want to admit to myself that I had a problem. Instead of doing something about it, I wore a tight uncomfortable dress. This isn’t a forgiving dress with stretchy fabric either. I would’ve rather been uncomfortable than skip the bread at a restaurant.

I’m happy to report that the dress fits perfectly! It’s no longer tight around my hips and shoulders! I’m going to proudly wear this dress until it’s too big!


This week was a big deal. As I wrote a couple of days ago I went cheat-free through a 6 hour road-trip, family vacation weekend, and two 4th of July cook-outs. I even brought a dessert to one of the parties! ( PRO TIP –  make something you don’t like so you won’t be tempted to eat it.) I’ve redeemed myself from Week 4 where I cheated every day. I love making progress!

Here’s to another strong week of progress! Let’s DO IT! – JJ

STATS | Week 5
-7 lbs lost
-24 lbs total

INCHES | Week 5
Arms: – 1in
Chest: -2.5in
Waist: -8in
Hips: -3in
Thighs: -2in


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