Thoughts Everyone has on IP Weigh In Day

Thought I’d share my inner monologue on Weigh In Days with you.

  • Yay! It’s weigh in day! I wonder how I did this week?
  • Should I be excited or should I dread it?
  • What did I do this week?
  • Wear something light so it won’t get picked up on the scale
  • What all did I eat this week?!
  • Did I dream that I ate that dessert or was that real?
  • Nah it was a dream. Just a dream.
  • I’ll be seeing a lower number I’m sure of it.
  • That cookie dream sure felt real…
  • Stop worrying about it. Be proud of yourself even if the number on the scale stays the same. You tried
  • Be proud of any progress.
  • But…. I really hope the number is lower.
  • What did I weigh last week?
  • My clothes are a little looser so I definitely lost
  • Is it normal to be excited about weigh in day?
  • Just a few more minutes till scale time
  • What all IP food do I want this week?
  • Chocolate Drink Mix obvs
  • How many restricted items can I swing this week? I wish I could eat multiple restricted items every day….
  • Pre-Made or powder drinks?
  • Definitely Powder. Shaking my own drink makes me feel independent
  • Did I eat enough vegetables this week?
  • Do Southwest Cheese Curls really taste better than normal chips or am I just used to them?
  • They definitely taste better. 
  • Ahhhhhhh it’s time! What number do I want to see?
  • What was my number last time?
  • Should I take my shoes off? They have to weight like what a half a pound right?
  • Here I go! What is it? What is it? What is it?!
  • Ow-Ow!! LOWER! You did it!
  • I forgot how to do math. Where am I now?
  • Tell me how much I lost!
  • Can we High Five?
  • Clean slate. Let’s kill it this week

Be honest. We all get a little crazy on Weigh In day. – JJ


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